Okere Falls

 Hubby finds the best stuff to see when he plans our holidays!
One stop was at Okere Falls Scenic Reserve which is a small but gorgeous place.

There were ferns of all kinds growing along the walkways.

It seemed like forever, but I did make it to the bottom of Hinemoa's Steps! Click here for her story.

The roar of the water was fantastic to hear.

The following photos are Hubby's that he took at the Trout Pool Falls.


my weird garden

With the fringe weather from the last couple of cyclones, my garden has been acting strange.
My poor abutilon got broken off at the ground by the wind while it was in full bloom :(

My dahlias are loving the weather for some reason. The ones below finally 
bloomed--I was wondering if they would.

One of the rudbeckias that died off when it was so dry decided to make another appearance.

After a huge flourish a while back, the rose bush has been showing one bloom at a time.

It's kinda weird but I'll take the pretty colors!


Stu's pig farm on 309

Not your normal road sign!

Along the dirt road called the 309 Road, you can't help but find Stu's pigs. They are an unofficial tourist stop and wander freely across the farm and road where everybody stops to look and take photos.
There are signs to ask you not to feed them but they really don't care if you pet them.

On our way through the second time, we caught sight of Stu, himself.


Wednesday around the World

I asked Hubby to go around the block because I thought I saw a cow on a skateboard ;)
Turns out, it was in front of a vet's office.

What's interesting in your world this week?

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Glass bottom boat ride

The weather wasn't great but the scenery was!

Cathedral Cove


Some Bay of Plenty sights

I was fascinated by the fact that pine trees are used as fences/windbreaks.

Mussel boat

Outside a closed cafe :(